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On The Move Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast, is a reliable cleaning company, providing high-quality professional carpet cleaning services in Gold Coast areas.

Whether you need Steam Carpet Cleaning Services in Gold Coast or other procedures such as Upholstery Cleaning and Rug Cleaning, we can provide fantastic results by using our years of expertise in the industry.

We offer special deals for carpet cleaning of both home and commercial properties throughout the Gold Coast, as we work with a variety of clients ranging from regular homeowners to landlords and property managers. You get more cleaning for less money every time you choose us!


Steam carpet cleaning

On The Move Carpet Cleaning, employ the most recent and powerful equipment together with biodegradable and wool friendly solutions to successfully remove harmful contaminants, stains, allergens, fungal spores, bacteria and odour-causing bacteria deep down the fibers that are normally impossible to get rid of with just regular vacuuming.

On The Move Carpet Cleaning, offers a complete professional Steam carpet cleaning program that will no doubt bring outstanding results. Our procedure will not ruin the carpet’s fabric or dye material.

Advantages of Steam cleaning


It’s regarded as the ideal cleaning method for getting rid of dirt, allergens, pet dander along with other material from your carpets and rugs. It gives a thorough clean for your carpets and has an advantage over other cleaning techniques to choose from.

  • It makes use of pressurized hot water
  • Leaves a bare minimum of moisture in your carpet after cleaning
  • It is able to loosen up dirt embedded into carpet fiber and dirt trapped at the base of the carpet material

Commercial and Residential

On The Move Carpet Cleaning, Gold Coast offers both full Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services as well as Residential Carpet Cleaning Services.

  • Wide-ranging expertise in carpet cleaning
  • Flexible service booking
  • Use of the most advanced carpet cleaning equipment
  • Comply with carpet warranties and ensure that stays looking good for its lifetime Free Quote

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