Upholstery Cleaning Process

On The Move Carpet Cleaning, Gold Coast uses Six Procedures that our upholstery cleaning professionals undertake to bring back the original beauty of your upholstered household furniture:

  • Careful Pre-Cleaning Fabric Test
  • Dry Vacuum cleaning Process. Effective yet gentle
  • Pre-Cleaning Treatment. Tough on debris, gentle on household furniture
  • Special focus on Spots & Stains
  • Steam Cleaning. Deep cleaning, fast drying
  • Final hand Grooming. For crisp looking & beautiful upholstered household furniture

Commercial and Residential

On The Move Carpet Cleaning, Gold Coast provides both full Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services as well as Residential Upholstery Cleaning Services.

  • At On The Move Carpet Cleaning, Gold Coast professionals are proud once they leave your house or business, simply because it looks and smells just like brand new!
  • Our non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products smell fresh and get rid of difficult stains, dirt and any kind of family pet} stench or allergens.
  • When the steam cleaning brushes employ the steam cleaning solution, it removes water whilst protecting the fabric material from damage.

Advantages of Upholstery Steam cleaning

It’s regarded as the ideal cleaning technique for getting rid of dirt, allergens, pet dander and other materials from your Upholstery. It gives a thorough clean for your Upholstery and has an advantage over other cleaning methods available.

We pre-test our treatments on the hidden regions of your upholstery to guarantees cleaning is safe and risk-free. We also try not to wet any metallic or parts like zippers to prevent unexpected rusting. We can safely steam clean most man-made fabrics. Our competent cleaning specialist will examine your upholstery and determine whether alternative cleaning techniques are needed.

After upholstery steam cleaning, you just keep all the windows open or make use of fans to assist dry the household furniture. Please contact On The Move Carpet Cleaning, Gold Coast to help you clean your upholstery “Like New”!


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